Youtube errors when embedded

Some of my students get a youtube error (attached screenshot). They work around it by downloading or copying the link and playing in a new tab, but does someone know why this occurs. They can also get to youtube itself so I know it’s not a filter issue. Seems like some sort of error with it being embedded?


I’ve seen errors like this when students have Google Apps accounts (through the school or district). Not 100% sure what the cause is, but I think it has something to do with the policies put in place by the district administrator over the Google Apps Accounts. It is a little odd that it’s hit and miss, but I’ve seen that before. One way to check would be to sign out of all Google Accounts and then sign into one at a time to see if it makes a difference. has published information on how to optimize the video viewing experience in terms of the settings here: IT Requirements |

Sometimes, if you hover over the video and look for the button to launch it full screen, it will take you to youTube directly to watch it if that is an option. If there is one that won’t play for anyone in the class, you could contact to see if there is something wrong with that video, but if some students are accessing it and others can’t, my guess is it could be something with their machine or their account.

This may not help, but maybe?



Thanks for the response. I’ll send to IT (the black hole).

We have something in common. My IT is also a black hole … lol.