3.10 Digital Scene Examples with GIFs



Here are two separate slideshows that contain finished examples from 3.10. I attempted to capture GIFs that show the creation of each scene, but some of them are a little choppy depending on the scene. I really benefited from seeing other examples, so I hope these can help. Thanks! (side note…this is my first post, so please let me know if something’s not working properly)

Slideshow 1

Slideshow 2


Great job to your students! Bravo!

Very impressive.

We just finished putting together this site which features our digital scenes. Enjoy!

Please check it out



@mv5571ah - Check out this thread for other scenes! There are some amazing examples here!


How did you make them into a GIF to show the animation of how the scenes were made?


Hi there,

I have used both screencastify and screencast-o-matic to do this. I can’t remember whether or not the screencastify had to be a premium version that was paid for in order to crop, but I know screencast-o-matic can do it for free. Hope that helps!