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I want to see the items in the Unit 1, Chapter 1 assessment. However, when I click on the assessment nothing loads. Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

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Hi @huffm,

In order to see assessments you have to be a Verified Teacher on Code.org. This is an additional thing on top of a normal Code.org account because anyone can create a Teacher account and we don’t want just anyone being able to get to the test. To apply to get Verified Teacher access please fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1f5QPKi3F_3nBDR8q9BcXCqixzY7SCQd7Seob0-JYizU/viewform



Thanks Dani! I filled out the form. I attended Teacher Con in Phoenix this summer and was under the apparently incorrect impression that our accounts were verified at that time.

@huffm That is weird. If you attended TeacherCon your account should have been verified. Do you have multiple emails/accounts you use? In any case you should be all set once the form is processed. Thanks for taking the time to submit it!

In some of my students projects the speed slider is not functioning.
I typically use that to grade/verify their work and they use it as a troubleshooting tool. It appears to work fine in my creations as the instructor but theirs neither in the lesson nor in the remix area.

@dmm7520 sorry to hear things aren’t working. If you send an email to support@code.org or click “Report a Bug” from the menu in the top right of your Code.org account we’ll be able to get this issue to our engineering team who will be better able to identify and address it. Thanks!

I have read over the lesson, watched the videos, etc., but I have no idea where the kids access the Internet Simulator. Is there a resource link somewhere that I’m missing?

Thank you.

There is a link “Unit 1 on Code Studio” in the Links section in the lesson plan. This takes you to Unit 1 on Code Studio. You would then have to go to Lesson 3 puzzle 2. It is labeled Internet Simulator.

Dear Bhatnagars,

I have gone to that link section and lesson 3 but there is no puzzle 2 and i couldn’t find simulator.
can you help me , tomorrow i have to teach the lesson 3 in the class.

thanks and regards


@tcarpenter @hafsa.usmani Click on the lesson 3 link. There is the landing page (Lesson 3 Page 1) where the student resources are. When you click on the Continue button in the bottom right corner, you will be taken to puzzle two. Click the OK button and the Internet Simulator Lobby will be revealed. Have students pair up as stated in the lesson plan and accept a request from their partner to enter the same room. When this step is completed, your students will be in the Internet simulator. I hope this guide helps and your able to completely prepare for tomorrow. Best wishes.

I am having a similar problem with a few students. They slow the slider down from the rabbit towards the turtle (to help trace code), and the program stops running. It works as it should on my screen. I’ve had the students log out of code.org and restart their Chromebooks with no luck.

Hmm… you mean it won’t work at all? That seems like a bug. Did you “report a bug” in the top right hand corner of the screen? They are SO great about getting back to me about bugs - it is the first time I have used EdTech, submitted a bug, and actually gotten a response back!!

Where is “report a bug”? I have a few students still having problems with the slider, and it makes it hard for them to troubleshoot. Works fine on my Mac – but an issue on some Chromebooks.

Found it. No worries. Thanks for the tip.

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No idea where to submit this, but there was some hate speech filling the document chat this morning on the “Encoding an Experience PT” rubric.

So “how to”… disable students from the document chat? Or conversely, how do I ensure my students don’t have to encounter this?

Hey @chgraham thank you for reaching out and our sincerest apologies to you and your students for encountering this issue. The problem is that all users of a Google document are able to access the chat services of the document unless their organization has turned off that feature (link to Google support docs to read how).

To assist with this problem we’ll also be removing links to the Google Doc version of activity guides in CSP as part of an update that is getting published today. You’ll still have the Google Doc version accessible from the lesson plan, and we’ll ask that you make a classroom copy that you share with your students if you intend on using Google docs.

Even if your students are working in a classroom copy of the document they will still be able to chat with one another so if you’d like to remove the chat feature altogether it’s something your organization will have to turn off. At the very least, however, you’ll know the messages are from within your classroom.

We have reached out to Google to see if they can offer any assistance with this issue as well.

Again our apologies for this problem and let us know if there’s more we can do to help.

Code.org Curriculum Team

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