Unit 1 Assessment following Lesson 7

I stumbled across the Multiple Choice Assessment following Stage 7 in Unit 1. I can see it on my teacher version student page ( https://studio.code.org/s/csp1). It is inside Grey paper icon. When I click on this icon, at the bottom of the screen I see "For Teachers Only - Cumulative Assessment Units 1-7). But I don’t see a way to assign this to students.

Help and Thanks!


Hi, @carole_black!

for right now you can have your students complete the assessment by sending them the URL directly. once they’ve completed the assessment, you can see their work in the assessment tab on your teacher dashboard:

we’re working on a feature that will allow you to ‘unlock’ those assessments for your students directly in the unit overview page on code studio. once that feature is live, we’ll send out an email and post here in the forums.

hope this helps!

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Thanks, Brook. This does help. I did discover the URL and tested it with my student account. But, when I go to the Assessments / Surveys tab on my Teacher Dashboard, the student answers are not showing up.

hey, @carole_black–i’m looking into this and will get back to you with an update ASAP!

hey, @carole_black!

My mistake-- you cannot currently view the assessment results through the teacher dashboard. Here’s the process for how: navigate directly to the assessment url and then:

  1. pull out the blue teacher Answer Viewer from the right
  2. select your section of students

You can navigate student by student through their answers and see their results.

What will soon be possible is: 1. the assessment will be directly in the unit pages (like studio.code.org/s/csp1) and 2. you will be able to see a table of all responses in the assessment tab on Teacher Dashboard.


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Thank you for the question and the answers. I’ll be using this assessment.

It might be very helpful to have this integrated into the Unit as a link – but we then get into the whole area of testing and cheating if they can access it any time. I might suggest that you use something with control mechanisms like Quizziz (except that they don’t need to create their own usernames – not helpful BTW) has so I can control when they have access and retries. Randomizing the questions and answers is also important.

I prefer hiding access to the students if the fancy assessment control tools aren’t possible. I can just give them the URL (I would make a tinyurl) the day of the assessment to keep them from doing it a t home or during lunch with their buddies.

These things are more important to me than having the results show up in the dashboard.

I also plan to use this assessment. The questions are really good. I will probably retype the questions into a google classroom form and test my students that way until the assessments are ready to go in code.org.

I teach in Georgia and we started school he first week of August. So I am afraid I am a bit ahead of the curve as far as needing these resources and their availability!


I’m with you. We’ll be hitting this assessment on Friday, or next Tuesday at the latest.

Hi Everyone!

Happy news! We just released the new assessment feature which makes it easier to give assessments in Code Studio and see students answers! If you are interested in using the assessments check out the FAQ on Assessments. If you have any questions after testing it out please share your feedback as this is a new feature and we want to know how it is working in classrooms!


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Thank you Dani and code.org team. I look forward to using this first assessment next week. I’ll report back how it went…


The assessment has some questions involving hexadecimal. When I looked at the lessons leading up to it, it didn’t seem like the students really learned hexadecimal. Did I miss something?

@nbaltatzis: You are right. I felt the same way. I did show my students this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sS7w-CMHkU. It introduces hexadecimal system - how it relates to binary and how there are 16 symbols needed. They will learn more about hexadecimal in later lessons when they learn to encode color images.

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Once I stumbled on the Unit 1 Assessment following Lesson 7 (this is before it became available on the teacher site) I previewed the questions and noticed Hex was in there. I gave my students the assignment to research the Hex system and compare it to Binary and Decimal. I use Google Classroom and I had each student to write something they learned about Hex on the assignment page so everyone could see the responses. When we met again (alternating days, all year) we talked about what the students discovered and practiced a bit with converting between Binary, Hex and Decimal. I also used the Binary Odometer. It was a great and short lesson and I think the students became comfortable enough with Hex that they can answer the questions.

I give the assessment next week. I’ll report back how it goes.


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Sounds like a great way to have the students engaged in the different number systems and an introduction to Hex. In Unit 2 Lesson 4, the students will be introduced to the concept of hexadecimal numbers using the Color Pixelation Widget. This lesson should really cement their understanding of Hex.

Thank you for this link. I’ll use it tomorrow. I agree that hexadecimal is basically skipped in the curriculum but shows up in the assessment several times. Maybe it’s part of testing for the student ability to extrapolate given the basics of number systems – but only a few students will consider this “fair” if the test has a bunch of hexadecimal in it.

My students took the Unit 1 Assessment this week. Everything with the system worked fine. I had no trouble unlocking the assessment and locking it back again. I downloaded the csv file of the grades. I only have 10 students in this class. The grades ranged from a 90 to a 20! The only missed question for the student that received the 90 was the one about bandwidth and latency. We talked about bandwidth and bitrate in here but not latency. I’m not sure where I missed that concept… Most of my students missed this question, so I threw it out. They all did fine on the Hex questions because we did briefly cover that material.

The only problems came when the students logged back into the system to review their answers in read only format a couple of days later. They had to keep refreshing the screens for the correct answers and explanations to show up.

In addition to this MC assessment I wrote 3 open-ended questions that came from the Denning Article and Blown to Bits and graded it with a rubric I put together after Googling “technical writing rubrics”. For some students the writing saved them, for some the MC saved them. For some they are feeling a bit sunk right now. I have reassured them that the first AP assessment is always hard and there is always room for improvement!

Thanks to everyone at code.org and this forum for the great curriculum and support!

Carole Black


Thanks for this feedback, Carole. Super helpful. Keep it coming! Improving assessments in an ongoing basis is one of our top priorities this year, so the more feedback we get the better we can do.



Good to know. I’m giving the Unit 1 Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 assessments tomorrow. I played around a bit with it today to see how the locking and unlocking would work. Between that and then adding in another section that I wrote, it seems a little ‘clunky’ - but then again I’m a new teacher and that is how just about everything seems.

I agree that many of the questions seem to involve information that was not covered yet - 3 questions involve hex and then the latency question seemed like something we didn’t focus on either. The kids commented that the assessment questions at the end of each lesson seem a bit like that too - that they have to go do further research to answer them. That’s good, but I wish everything that was going to be asked in a test was all referenced somewhere. Were these from units or chapters that were cut after the pilot?

Where can we find a key to this assessment? Navigating through the progress tab seems cumbersome to me and doesn’t always load correctly on my computer.

Hi Carly,
Go to this page: https://studio.code.org/s/csp1
Sign in and then scroll down to the Unit 1 Chapter 1 Assessment. Click on the blue bubbles 1 (questions 1-5) & 2 (questions 6-10). The key to the assessment is here. Let me know if you need some more help.