Chapter Quizzes

Hello. Once students have completed an end of chapter assessment, can they go back and see which questions the got wrong? Does it tell them the correct answer? Thanks.

It does grade the assessments and make the correct answers available. You can unlock answers for your class - either for the entire class or for an individual student. I usually wait until the entire class is finished and then unlock the answers for about five minutes to give everyone the chance to look at the correct answers. Then you should relock the answers when you are done showing them to the class.

FWIW we’re working on improving the teacher view of assessment results. If you have ideas, we’re all ears.

CSP Team

Hi Baker,
I saw you in Philly back in August. This is my first year teaching this curriculum. So far I think it’s fantastic. I have a full class of eager students, and so far it’s going very well. Still, I have a few suggestions, from a teacher’s perspective. It would be great to view student’s as they are taking their assessments. I’m not sure how viable this would be, but It might be a useful formative assessment tool. Also, if there was a better way view student’s Survey/Assessment data, that would be great. Currently, I have to scroll through all the answered questions from the Pre-course Survey of each student in my course before I get the results of their first assessment. As the course continues, and students take more assessments, I will have to scroll farther. Is there a way to link each completed assessment/survey so I can jump right there? Lastly, I find the Internet Simulator videos very helpful. However, it’s hard to test out a particular internet simulator activity because they require connecting to another user. Might there be a way for teacher’s view of the simulator for each lesson? For your consideration. Thanks.


@almanm all good points! One thing to consider: I have opened up another window in “incognito mode” to see the internet simulator in action. That might help with the last concern - I totally agree that it is hard to “see” what it looks like without students actually in it, but that should give you a bit of an idea!

I would like to be able to easily see for a particular section, how many right and wrong answers there were for each question, raw and percentage, if that’s possible. Thanks!

I agree with clilagan regarding the assessment view.

Another feature that would be helpful is to see what students first select for answers in the assessment questions for each lesson. All I can see from the teacher view is that the students eventually selected the correct answer (not necessarily that they selected three incorrect answers before arriving at the correct response). It makes it difficult to know what might need reteaching or reinforcement if students don’t volunteer that they’re struggling. The other day, I asked students about a question that everyone had answered correctly in Code Studio, and few students really had any idea how they arrived at the response. I suspect many clicked around until they found the right answer. All I saw on my teacher view was a column of green checkmarks.

There is likely an an easy way to see this and I just haven’t figured it out.

This is good feedback as we are currently looking to improve our assessment systems and supports. So you can rest assured you’re not missing anything, as a matter of fact we don’t even (yet) store the data you want here. For each multi-choice question (the kind where students can keep trying until they get the answer right) we store the number of attempts they made at the question and their final answer, but not the order of their answer choices. I agree this would be useful data to have (especially the first attempt) and I’ll raise it as a possibility. Thanks!

CSP Team

Thank you. I don’t assign grades for those lesson-based assessment questions, but I use them to inform my instruction. I appreciate your response.

Is it possible for teachers to see the number of question attempts, or is that something only available on the back end?

AFAIK this information is not available to the teachers.