Activity Guide Key

The number of bytes for the Exabyte is listed as one pentillion, but I believe the correct answer is quintillion. Which is correct?

As per my research it is a quintillion.

Unfortunately, the answer keys are being posted by teachers. Ugh. Can something be done so these documents cannot be shared or copied?

Yeah, really unfortunate. I will let the team know.

Just learned that under the advanced options in sharing, you can choose to not let others share, download or make a copy.

Hey folks,

I’m following up on this to see if I can get this individual document taken down. We do our best to keep answer keys and exemplars in the hands of our verified teachers but it’s a constant challenge. We appreciate you helping us out.

Thanks also @janderson for pointing out that feature. It’s one that we’ll look into more. It’s always a struggle to balance making these tools convenient to use but not so convenient that they end up on the open Internet.


It’s 1 quintillion and I’ve fixed the associated exemplar. Thanks for pointing out the issue!