Adding two titles to the same line on HTML

I have students who want to add two titles to the same line on their web page. What tags can they use to accomplish that?
They want it to look something like this:

                 Link one                                        Link two

Thanks for your help.
(There are various things on W3 school but they didn’t work for us). =)


If you want to share the link to one of your attempts, we could look at it … It does go beyond the scope of what students learn in CS Discoveries, but it can be done.

I’m sharing a link to a project starter I made. All the “magic” is in the style.css document where the various parts of the links are styled.

There are also more than one way to do this. Mine may not be the easiest…

To see the code, look for the “View Code” link at the bottom of the page.

Hope this helps a little…


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I have to agree with Mike. This is outside of the scope of the unit content, but many of my students like using to find new things to add to their projects. My students often choose to use tables to create what you’re talking about. It really gets them thinking about nested tags.

Thank you for your help!

It helps a lot! Thank you!
I know it may be out of the scope of these lessons but I like letting the students explore and add what they want to try!

I do the same, so I completely understand your wanting to know how to do it. My kids get frustrated if it doesn’t look just right!