Additional links for resources on programming in entertainment



I found these two resources valuable to introduce students to the effects of programming in entertainment.
Pixar - How are animations made
Apple keynote - the new game. HomeCourt - start 59:40 to end 1:02:40.
I also directed them to look up comic life tutorials for now to create comics.



Thank you for sharing these resources. I am going to steal your idea.



These are great links! I was looking for something like this. Thank you so much for posting!


If anyone is interested, I made a Google Doc for my students to fill out for this lesson. Some of the websites that suggested were blocked for my kids, so I found links to Youtube videos for each topic. I find that my kids have a hard time researching topics, so I wanted to provide them with some options. Feel free to change it around however you want. I used a couple of links that mmathews referenced to from the initial post.
Computer Science in Entertainment Google Doc



This is great - thanks for sharing.



Thank you so much! This is fantastic!