After Labor Day Start

Today the Maryland Governor announced that schools in the state will start after Labor day in 2017. My question is to the teacher’s who start after Sept 6, 2016:
How have you planned your pacing so you will meet the April deadline and have students prepared for the AP exam in May? If you have a google calendar or doc please share.

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At the Summer Institute I recently attended it was suggested that we do our Performance Task (1) before Winter Break to pace it properly.

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I know a few teachers assign a “summer assignment” for other AP classes. I am starting after labor day and will be a tinge short on time this year. I might need to skip the unit 1 flash talk assessment or modify it to take less time. I am also planning on taking our semester final exam time and having students start thinking about their Explore project. It is going to require a few “smooshing” of lessons but it will be fine. Right now I only have a calendar with numbers on it… I will finalize it this year and share out at the end of the year.

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@silversh I am also planning on having. My students submit their Explore PT by Dec. I think that will take some of the pressure / stress away and let them focus on the create PT in the Spring.

@kaitie_o_bryan I think a summer assignment is our best bet to get through the curriculum on time. I’ll be looking at what lessons can be converted into summer projects. I’ll definitely add readings from Blown to Bits.

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Terence, I like this idea and have been wondering the best way to manage it. Are you trading units 3 & 4? If so, do you think they’ll have enough background knowledge to do the Explore PT effectively? I’d like to hear other ideas.


@cmurakami and @terence.stone25 - Brook mentioned something at TeacherCon (or another event) about making sure that the tasks are still summative - and truly represent what students have learned through the course of the year.

If the Explore task is done at semester, it would be nice to give students another chance to at least modify their work when the test comes closer so it reflects all of their knowledge/skills from the course.

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@cmurakami I am currently matching the curriculum pace to my schools calendar, so I’ll have a better idea on what modifications I can make.

@kaitie_obryan Agreed.