AP Classroom & Digital Exam App Troubleshooting

I have a remote AP CS Principles student who is using his own computer running Windows 10. He’s having trouble launching the AP app, when he launches the AP Digital Testing App he sees a loading animation, but the launch/load process never completes.

When he tries to do a practice test that I created from released (publicly accessible) items on AP Classroom the test link “white screens” in both Chrome and Edge. If you have any insights into how to troubleshoot they would be most appreciated.

Were you able to get an answer? My kids are having the same problem. They hit the blue “continue” button and it does nothing.

I heard the college board site was having some issues. I would suggest contacting college board if it is still not working. For the practice test, are the students using a a secure lockdown browser? If there are secure questions, a secure lockdown browser must be used.

*Update: One of my students was having some issues with the app. It turned out to be a browser issue. It worked when he used Safari.

Thanks. Yea, they had the lockdown browser. I found out that the 2 kids who could not get in have the exact same kind of laptop so it may be a computer issue. The others finally got in.