Unlocking the assessment

I have tried to unlock the AP Practice pseudocode assessment at least three times, following the instructions in the FAQ. For some reason, my students are still blocked, they are told it’s locked. When I go to the assessment settings, I see that it is “editable” for the students I want to take the test. What am I doing wrong?

When I have faced this problem it has been due to two reasons:

  1. Students are in different version of the curriculum. They can check that in the url. It should say 2019 in the url. Both you and the students must be on the same version.

  2. Students are logged in with a different account as the one with which they enrolled in the class.

If this does not solve the problem. Write to support@code.org and they will be able to help diagnose the problem.

I think I figured out what I was doing wrong. I was unlocking one assessment while giving students the link to the previous one. It’s a bit tricky to go from the teacher control panel to the student view, so I missed that I was on the wrong assessment. Thanks!