AP CS-A Sandobx


I’m mentoring a new teacher in AP CS-A who uses the code.org platform for his class (which I do not). Are the students able to use the Sandbox-No Paint Bucket for open ended coding assignments? He told me that when the students try to use it, it would not compile. When I tested it in Student mode, it worked. Just checking…thx.

They should, I used the sandbox this year without any issues, both with and without paint. If the problem persists, I would recommend emailing support.


Hi @michael.coyner, thanks for posting this question to the forum and providing mentorship to new CS teachers! Did the other teacher explain the symptoms of the Sandbox-No Paint Bucket not working? I know you said it didn’t compile but I was wondering if/ what errors were thrown.

To get the painter to actually paint, one would need to use the parameterized constructor. I took a screenshot for an example.
Please reach out again and let us know if we can help further.

We figured it out. Thx

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