AP CSP exam Computational artifact this year?

Do we know if they are going to have the writing and computational artifact portion in this year’s AP exam? There was talk of this going away? I am starting on Unit 2 Lesson 6 soon. Wondering if I should skip it. I am using the 2018-2019 curriculum.

Hi @mschlager,

The big changes you may be hearing about start in 2020-2021. This year the course and exam are the same structure and format (same requirements, etc.) as the last few years.

You can read more about the changes according to what College Board has published: https://view.e.collegeboard.org/?qs=ed841eeae967090d171d9edc6eb2f72f0b87b93f84881c2c1d17a674d222ac6890ba5a47e3fe37581aa66a9bd55be7918a5308745f6d154a8b9810f45a4907e14212ef49de33b50ae070a5a8731377f0
Notice it refers to 2020-2021.