AppLab Move with Keypress

Can anyone help me with this error code and moving the sprite in App Lab?

  1. I don’t understand what the error code is talking about.
  2. When I press an arrow key, the sprite moves a tiny bit one time. What am I doing wrong? See image:

Hello. Could you please link me to the project? I’m sure I know what’s going on and I know how to answer you but I need to make sure I’m right before posting the answer, so please link me to your game/app.

Thank you SO much!

The link is actually to a student code which is encountering what I think is a similar issue.

This is the link to the original code I posted about.

Can you link me to your student’s project where he has the problem? You sent me a zoom link…

Hello echappell,

I once also dealt with this, while I was making a remake of a popular “blind spot app game”.

You can find the project link here

I’ve fixed your code, to make the keypresses work. Read the code.