AppLab will not let users use design mode in Chrome

This has happened for multiple students and now me. We can no longer use the design mode in applab while on Chrome. We can write all the code we want, but we can not use design mode. You drag in a button and it won’t let you.
We’ve tried: remixing, refreshing, create new, delete cookies, and no luck!!!
The only fix I have is using internet explorer. Anyone have any ideas?

It looks like this is due to a recent change in Chrome, but we haven’t been able to consistently reproduce the bug. I’ve brought the issue to our engineering team and will report back here when I have more info. For now the best solution for students experiencing this issue is to use a different browser.

Thanks for reporting this Adam. Can you please tell us what version of Chrome you are using?

Hi again Adam,

It appears that this problem is due to a conflict with certain browser extensions. If you run into this problem, please try disabling browser extensions (or opening our site in incognito mode). Meanwhile, we are working on a fix to make the site compatible with these browser extensions.

Thanks for writing in and I hope this resolves the issue for you!

Dave Engineer

Thanks for the report! We released a fix for this bug ten minutes ago in v2018-03-07.2.