Arduino board or circuit playground

hello all !

Arduino circuits and circuit playground are new to me.can someone explain a bit about two. or they are same thing.can we program arduino in maker platform ?
Or what is the other IDE for it ?

FYI I have explored micro:bit earlier and now interested in knowing how can I achieve the following task using arduino or circuit playground?

  • If the self-driving car was built right, then it will be able to detect the colors of the road as I change it and turn when it needs to turn.

Hi @sanac2086,

Physical computing and being a “Maker” is a fun world to explore. Here are some things I can fill you in related to and maybe a bit extra.

The Circuit Playground is made by Adafruit. You can use App Lab to program it (as well as MakeCode and Arduino - with the right firmware). It has a light sensor but not a color sensor so would would not be able to detect colors in a road.

Arduino boards use the Arduino IDE to program. Arduino Unos are probably the most common of their boards but there are many. Arduino boards are intended to be added onto with different accessories. I do believe there is a photo color sensor for the Arduino boards that can detect color so would meet the criteria of sensing the color in the road.

As for “turns when it needs to turn” and even sense changing colors in a road/path would imply that the boards are on a motorized moving something. So, all of this would be a decent maker project. Some great places to research would include:

Adafruit Learn
SparkFun Learn
Arduino Learn

Hope this helps. I hope others with more experience with physical computing also submit some ideas.

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