Array Flashcards



I created a set of Array Flashcards to use with my students. -

We began day five by warming up with the Kagan Quiz-Quiz-Trade strategy using my Array Flashcards. This was an engaging, unplugged way for the students to discuss the big ideas around arrays.

Kagan Strategy - Quiz-Quiz-Trade

1. Create Questions
Provide each student with a flash cards about the current unit of study. One side of the card has a question or vocabulary term and the other side provides the answer or definition.

2. Pair Up
Use the stand up/hands up/pair up method for students to find a partner. Partner A holds up the flash card to show Partner B the question. Partner B answers. Partner A praises if correct or coaches if incorrect. They switch roles and Partner B asks Partner A the next question.

3. Hands Up
After thanking each other and switching cards, Partners A and B raise their hands to find a new partner and repeat the process for an allotted amount of time.

PS - This lesson took me six days to complete.

PSS :wink: - Here is a follow up set I made for after Unit 5 Lesson 14 - Processing Arrays
Unit 5: Lesson 14 || Quiz-Quiz-Trade Array Activity


Thanks for sharing this @jhall9 ! I love getting students away from the computer a bit to think about code instead of just hitting the “run” button until they stumble upon the “right” answer.

I just started arrays with my students today and can see how this will help reinforce some of the commands.



I hope it goes well!

I wanted to also share two supplemental KaHoot!s I made for this lesson.

*Unit 5: Lesson 13 - Arrays Part 1 || AP CSP

*Unit 5: Lesson 13 - Arrays Part 2 || AP CSP