Assessments and surveys midway and at end of unit


I feel that the surveys are useful, but I do not like that they are anonymous. Maybe you feel that students might be more honest, but my students tend to be silly and write things that are unnecessary. When you ask “anything else you would like to tell your teacher”, I would like to know who typed what.

Anyway you might change this option in the future?



Thanks for the feedback. Sorry for the delayed response. Here are a few things:

  1. We’re going to review the efficacy of those little surveys over the summer and look to see how useful they are.

  2. Good feedback - we should change the prompt on the free response so it’s more likely to get useful responses.

  3. On the anonymity - anonymous surveys are a feature we built for our high school course where maintaining anonymity is important for getting candid feedback. We will also review whether such anonymity is important for CS Discoveries which is largely taken by middle school students.

If students say something harassing in a free response comment, or express intent to harm themselves or others, please let us know. We do have procedures in place to tell you the identity of who made certain comments.

I know that’s no promise of action, yet, but thanks for sharing your concerns and perspective. It’s in the hopper for review. Thanks again,