Can I delete a student's progress if they were filling in nonsense?

I’ve got a smart-alec pair of students in one course, who realized that just typing anything and clicking “next” will progress to the next level. I don’t see how I can un-check the level progress. We’re using the Unit 2 Web Development in CSD beta. They were fine up through Lesson 4, stage 8 but then went on and on with nonsense. I’d like to delete that. Any thoughts?


I tell students that their grade is not based on whether the bubble is green or not. I decide which levels to grade and either I run the code myself from the teacher dashboard or I have them run it while I watch. I also try to get students to reflect on their progress i.e. an exit card with What did you do on level ## to complete the task?


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Super helpful! I like the exit ticket strategy a lot as well. Thanks!