Can I integrate live sport stats?


One of my students wants to integrate data from professional soccer into his app. Is there a way to access some kind of database in order to do this?
I know neither how to access an external database nor if/where such a database exists.

At the moment he’s using test data so this shouldn’t slow him down but it would be cool if he could get actual data in there.

#2 has some lessons on how to use databases with AppLab. See if this helps.


Another approach would be to find an API that can be accessed with the startWebRequest() block. I poked around a bit and found which could be an interesting source of data (though it definitely takes some trial and error to figure out how to get useful data out of it). Here’s a quick demo to see how you might use it


Depending on how ambitious he wants to get, shows how to do this. Not sure if he could then create his own database to use in his app.