Cantconnect to data set in app lab

I’m working w my daughter on the app lab to design an app. it looks like a perfect lesson for her. I’m familiar w coding but not javascript. I’ve been trying but can’t figure out how to insert a data element into the app. I selected the data set on dogs and see all of the data but can’t find any controls that let me connect to the data set. for example, im trying to have the image of the dog from the table appear on the screen and to have the name of the dog below it. I can create the image and text box but can’t link them to the fields in the data set. it looks like getcolumn should do it but it’s not a block that can be added (it’s not a lego but rectangle) thanks very much

Hi @bcal509 - we have a lesson in our curriculum which demonstrates how to do what you are attempting to do. Check it out!

thats perfect thanks very much