Canvas LMS for CSP


I’ve been using Canvas for CSP this year. I’m updating it as I go.

I just finished up Unit 3 so the course in Canvas is being updated all the time. It is best to get the updated information from the Canvas Commons area. Below is what the course looks like. You can search my last name Reitz-Larsen and check for updates.

The course is labeled


We use Canvas at my school, but I am not familiar with how to look at this. I would love to take a look.



I teach the class just as the curriculum outlines with journal prompts, class discussions, inquiry, group work , etc. I have the Canvas course available for students who miss class or for students to see what concepts we are covering.

Each Unit and Lesson from the curriculum is in the course, with journal prompts, videos and bubble progressions. You can go to the Commons area in Canvas and find the course and upload it to your CSP course or make a sample course and see how it is set up. You can download the entire course or just what you’d like.

I just finished Unit 3, so I’ll update the course as I go.


As of our district technology meeting last night, I’m on a committee to look at LMSs for the district. I haven’t had a chance to look at the trial version of Canvas yet, but I’m hoping it will allow me to view your course. I saved your link from Canvas Commons and look forward to testing it this weekend. Thanks for sharing!



Hello Amy - you can create a free account at - Then make a sample course, go to the commons on the left of the screen. Once in the commons, search for Reitz-Larsen and the AP CSP. You can download or import the content from my class and see what I have in there. You can always delete your sample course.


We have been using Open Source Moodle LMS for AP Computer Science.
Using the gamification features to generate more student interest and participation