APCSP Canvas Course

I have been working on getting everything into a Canvas Course (free teacher version) to consolidate and organize all the of the AP Material. I have made it to about week five. This includes adding extra material from codeHS and Crash Course Computer Science.

A few nice pieces:

-I have created canvas quizzes weekly to help the students prepare for the tests (which are still in code.org)

-I created a weekly journal slide show for all of the Check for Understanding so the students can keep up digitally in one spot. They also upload them to canvas in a forum and have to respond to each other.

-All the activities are assignments in canvas.

-I turned all the slide shows into videos in case a student misses a day (or you are unfortunate enough like me to have asynchronous time).

-It is organized by suggested week per code.org pacing guide.

If anyone is interested let me know. Also, if any one would like to help let me know.


Hello! Is it possible to get access to this? I am also using Canvas and the weekly quizzes sound great!

What’s the best way to share it, I can export it. I have quizzes for the first 5 weeks or so.

I would love access as well. cgoodwin@bcbe.org
I don’t know what else you would need?

I added you to the Canvas Class but it said you didn’t exist. Let me know if it worked.

Here is a link to the class, I’ll upgrade users to teachers as soon as I can.


Generally, when sharing content via Canvas its easiest to put it on the Canvas Commons! I believe you should have a “share to commons” button on the top right side of your settings panel for a course. Then you don’t have to worry about additional users in your course, and they don’t get notifications that they’re not turning in assignments!

I wasn’t sure how well it stays up to date. I didn’t actually share my class with anyone, it is the template that I update my class from. I.e. I do the updates and work on it, then copy it over to my actual class (so the students don’t see half completed assignments). But I will look more into the share feature.

Gotcha. That works too! The commons will not automatically update, but when you add content there you can choose to update a course to the commons rather than adding a new course. This does add another step to the process, but means that teachers could find the content without you having to do anything after it is published.


I just stumbled across this thread in the forum and “registered” as a student on your canvas course link. However, I am a teacher in Edmond OK teaching CSP and would be interested in seeing what you have shared. My email is susan.james@edmondschools.net.

Thank you!

Ok, I bumped you up to teacher. I am only ever a week or two ahead of my schedule as I am also writing another Canvas course at the same time as this one.

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I just enrolled in your canvas course. I would love to have teacher access as well. My email is jenningba@wilkes.k12.nc.us