ChatGPT as a tool - for you!

Good Morning everyone!

This is my first year teaching and my first semester teaching AP CSA. The curriculum has been AWESOME for my students and myself.

I’ve coded in the past but was out of the field for quite awhile so my skills are very rusty. I am also the only AP CSA teacher in my District so I don’t have many others to bounce issues off of.

Well, if you haven’t used it, ChatGPT can be a GREAT tool for you. For example, I was having an issue on figuring out the best way to explain the answer for our Unit 2 Test. I copied the question from website directly and pasted it into the ChatGPT prompt. In less than 30 seconds I had a detailed explanation on why the answer was what it was and what could have been done to correct the code (it actually types out the entire code).

Just wanted to throw that out there in case anyone else is in their First Year and sometimes struggles to find the best explanation for things, ChatGPT can help in a pinch!

Obviously be careful with its use and be sure it is allowed within your district. I know it is a controversial topic in some areas.

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Thanks for the idea of how to use this tool, Brendan!

Please feel free to continue to bounce ideas off of us in the forum :slight_smile:


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