Citing sources in Unit 3 Apps

Should we be telling students how to cite their sources for the apps they create? If so, how are you guys doing that?
We learn about copyright in Unit 2 and then they never mention the importance of citing any images, audio, etc when we use them in an app.
I was considering having them add a screen at the end of their app that sites their sources. That, or have them add a list to the bottom of their planning guide.

Comments are a great way to cite sources. Most code libraries have comments detailing who the authors are and what they used to write the code. Any code in comments won’t run, so it’s also a great way to detail what chunk of code does what, or to quickly delete code you might want to add back later.

There are two different ways to make comments:

// inline comments
/* block comments
which can take up
multiple lines */

If your students are just using the block feature, then you can find inline comments in the Functions tab.

Attributions are usually put at the top of the code.

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I agree with that.
I just wish would suggest that in the lessons.
Thanks for the suggestion.