Class Setup for K-4

I am technology teacher and need to find a better way to manage 500 students so that they can easily be moved as they move from grade to grade. I currently want 1st-4th to use Last year I had them categroized under their teacher but it was too hard to move each student (500) to their new teacher in a different grade level. I need some suggestions, please!!!

Do you mean managing the students with all the school programs. If so I have had the same issue. I service 800 students (pre-kinder to 5th grade). If it is that issue then my solution was having an excel spreadsheet with the class rosters, there I have formulas linking each student with every program via their student ID#. I hope that is what you meant.

@mmrojas Have you had any more thought on moving students from grade to grade?

I created sections according to their graduation year. For 2016-2017, I put the K-8th graders in sections as follows:
“Class of 2017” (this year’s 8th graders)
“Class of 2018”
“Class of 2019”
“Class of 2020”
“Class of 2021” (this year’s 4th graders)

When the new school year comes, I leave the students in their original sections. Then, I have their classroom teachers create a new section (such as “Mrs. Smith’s 5th grade 2017-2018”), we can add her students to her new section and also leave them in their original “Class of 2021” section (forever).