Club Fair ideas


Anyone have some ideas to “wow” students at a club fair table? I am also looking for fun things to do for our club this year.


Robot demos are always fun! Mindstorms robot dog or inchworm? We once let elementary aged kids draw a path on easel paper with thick black marker for the “dog” to “follow”. They loved taking an active part in the activity.


@carmichaelc For our 9th grade orientation, I brought out all the toys (Sphero Sprk, Finch’s & Parrot Drone) and had three of my top students there. They demonstrated how to use the robots and each took a turn flying the drone in doors. My students did most of the talking and we had a good number of new students interested in coding & drone/UAS club. I also had students who were interested in signing up for CS classes.


Thanks! I love the drone idea. We don’t have one but we are looking to get one.


@carmichaelc The Parot drones are inexpensive and our students enjoy flying them.