Code and Preview Don't Match

Bug in Course csd2-2019 Stage 4 Puzzle 10, 2nd page of website

It doesn’t matter which personal website level you look at. The code and the content don’t match.

Link to the project or level: I don’t have the option to remix or share this project, even though sharing has been enabled. Here is the URL:

What I expect to happen: The elements in the preview area should match the code in the workspace.

What actually happens: The preview area displays the elements matching the code from the index page instead, on both student’s account and my account.

What I’ve tried: Refresh page, log out/in, restart computer, editing code.

!Dre’s Website|690x403](upload://cOFWLhBpZ5gqke1WKXtdFPj6Cd9.jpeg)

A little hard to say without seeing the code as your link just takes me to my login and students. However, one question… It looks like you are viewing Fun (the file name on the left side). Normally, if it is an html file, it should end in .html (not .com) I don’t know if that could cause this kind of problem, but I would start by renaming the file.

If you can’t share it and that doesn’t work, you may want to reach out to and see if they can look inside your account and see what is going on.

Best wishes!


?Thank you! I didn’t pick up on that!

Elizabeth A. Chappell

Computer Science
West Side STEM Magnet Middle School
Groton Public Schools