View Code Button on Web Page Not Working

The view code button at the bottom of web pages in Unit 2 Lesson 1 does not work. At first it only showed a moving box, and now it shows the following message: Live Preview Error Open an HTML file or make sure there is an index.html file in your project in order to launch live preview. Advise please on how we can view code on these web pages. Thank you.


I’m getting the same thing on my end. I’m not 100% sure if they are hosted differently than the pages the students create or not, however, while the black box was moving on the screen, the “Remix” button at the top of the screen is visible and when I clicked on “remix”, It quickly gave me a copy of the html file to edit myself (thus showing all the code), so that is a way you can see the code.

Hope this helps!


Hi Michael,

Thank you for the help. I will check that out!

Warm regards,
Patricia Drake