Live Preview Error

One of my students cannot continue with their webpage lessons because they keep getting a “Live Preview Error” message. This student completed work while pair programming, but today he can’t access anything because of this message. How do we fix this error?

This looks like a bug. You should report it by contacting or by having the student click on the help question mark icon at the top right corner of the screen and clicking on “report a problem.”


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Thank you for the suggestion! I did email the support last week, but I still haven’t heard back and the students webpage continues to have the “Live Preview Error” message. Any other suggestions?

Thank you for the help!

Hi @adunn, I’d suggest pinging them again if it’s been a week and you haven’t heard back yet.

I would also try opening it in a different browser in case that’s the source of the issue. Which one are they using & getting the error message?

Hope that helps,
Michael K.