Assistance for a student

Hello, my name is Rochell Whitehorn and I’m the instructor for the class ( Exploring Computer Science is the way it is coded). I have a student by the name of Abigail Ortiz. When we input code in her personal website (Unit 2). She gets a red message at the bottom of her screen. As a result the code does not run. Can you please troubleshoot. Thank you!

That “message” looks like a hyperlink. I’m guessing, but can’t tell for sure, that the mouse is hovering over one of her links and that is how Chrome displays the link when you hover over one. The “” address is an internal website that is probably where part of her work is stored.

So, I don’t think that’s why her code isn’t running. Can you be a little more specific, perhaps on what isn’t running? Also, it’s easier for us to look at it if you are able to click the Share button on the top of the screen and post the shared link for us to look at and also describe what you are expecting to happen and what is (or is not) happening instead.

Let us know!