editor (app lab) keyboard shortcuts

Did you know that’s editing interface (app lab, unit 3) possesses much of the same power of a full-fledged code editor?

I’m talking about: moving lines without cutting and pasting, auto-commenting, multi-cursor selection, and more!

I’ve started my own reference/documentation for this, since I haven’t found a definitive reference elsewhere. Share it with your students! I hope you and they find it useful.


p.s. If you know another shortcut that I haven’t discovered, please let me know! I’ll add it to the document.


Thanks for posting this. This will be useful to many.

I’ve recently added to this document.

It is now separated into Mac and PC sections.

There are also some tips on using the keyboard for the debugger. Learning these shortcuts makes it a lot less cumbersome.


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Hello. I’ve been getting lots of share requests for this document from people whose organizations won’t allow me to share with them, nor will they allow me to email them about it. It’s set to be publicly available. Here’s the link again: U3 - Secrets - Google Docs
If you’ve been requesting access, but you don’t hear back from me, that’s why. Thanks!