Find and replace in Game Lab

When using random numbers I’d like to find all occurrences of 10 and replace them with a 400, for example. I can use ctrl-f for find but ctrl-r does not work for replace. Is there a keyboard shortcut or feature to use find and replace in Game Lab?

Thanks in advance, Susan Abrams

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I don’t think that is a supported feature. CTRL+F is a browser supported solution, but not really built into Game lab … it just works because your browser supports that functionality.

You could email and request it, but I don’t know how hard that would be to implement.

A work around could be to go to code mode and copy your code and paste it into a word processor and make the changes there and then paste it back into game lab.

In theory that should work, but sometimes word processors use different versions of the quotation mark, so that could cause problems if that happens as well.


Thank you so much for this information, Michael. I was hoping it could be built-in, but hey copying and pasting will work too. And I know what you mean about those quotation marks!

CTRL + H is the find and replace shorcut in the code editor for gamelab and applab on, hope this helps