Site Requires Students to Request Permission to Access Handouts


I have my students accessing the CSD course through their district Google login and syncing through Google Classroom. Everything works great, but when they try and access any handouts in the Lesson Overview, they’re prompted to request access to view the document. After requesting access, they’re presented with a screen in Google stating:

"Your request for access has been sent.

You will receive an email if and when your request is approved."

This is problematic because 1) the student email accounts are disabled, and 2) they have wait for someone to approve their request. While I print the handouts, I’d really like it if the kids could access the material and do it digitally from the site on their own (especially if absent and working from home).

Hopefully this is an easy fix, or perhaps a setting I missed somewhere. Either way, help would be greatly appreciated.



My students run into the same issue. This is because my district limits student accounts and the access they have to external content. Unless you are able to get your district to whitelist for students, you will have to provide access to the files by making a copy. I use Google classroom to provide access. Although it is an extra step, it provides me an opportunity to customize the forms. Students have a personal experience with the security issues facing school districts.

Hope this helps,