Code Transferring Between Levels

Some of my students are seeing their code transfer between levels and I am not sure if that is intentional or not.
For example, after completing level 6 where they create drawStep, they go on to level 7 where they create drawSide. If they then return to level 6, their code from level 7 shows up there. When they go to level 8 and create the drawDiamond function, that transfers back to levels 7 and 6 as well. So, they end up with level 6 looking like level 8.

This did not seem to happen to every student, but it happened to more than one. It struck me as odd because it seemed that they were creating the code for level 8 in level 6 before ever being asked to do that.

Have others seen this issue?

Hi John

This is actually by design. Certain sets of levels are project levels. What that means is that all the levels for the project are connected and the code will continue to build across them. The purpose for these is to give students a more guided step by step through a project. We know currently this is not marked very well and we need to find a way to better mark when a student is on a project level.