Coding "I CAN" statements


Hi there,
My schools in the process of setting up “I can” statements to be used for coding and was wondering if you guys may be able to help?

The idea is that by the time the students complete a small series of “I can” statements they will receive a coding badge. I am unsure where to start and where to finish.

We would like the statements to be able to go from basic knowledge up to maybe the students being able to create a basic program of some kind.

I’m just unsure where to start and am in need of some help if possible :smiley:

Duncan Flack


@duncanflack have you thought of using the student objectives in the lesson plans for each stage? They can easily be re-written as “I can” statements. Here’s one example from the learning objectives in Unit 5, stage 8.


Hi Katie,
Thanks for the suggestion I’ve had a look through them and had the same idea but as the I can statements are going to be more generalised and it’s intended for a short sequence of lessons there would be too many I can statements for them to achieve. I’ve started writing some that I’ll put below that are alot more broad and can be applied to different programs being used. But any further suggestions or comments whether im staging them correctly and in the right order would be AMAZING!

I can….

  • Explain the following terms; programmer, code, sequence. Algorithm, robot, command
  • Move a ‘sprite’ in different directions/ways i.e. forward, spin, right, left, backwards, jump, etc. (This can be done “unplugged” as well)
  • Include an “if…then…” (conditional) statement in a sequence.
  • Include a loop in my sequence
  • Create a function which includes at least 2 commands.