Coloring Not Available In Sprite Creator

I have a couple students who are not able to choose colors when they are customizing sprites because the two boxes are not there for them to click on at the bottom of the screen. Any solutions?

Hi @schwartzkopfd!

Hmmm. I am assuming you are talking about the primary and secondary color boxes (screenshot below)?
That is frustrating. Silly question…have you tried zooming out (cntrl + minus key) just to see if it is simply not visible or off the screen since the tool is the bottom-most on the screen?
If that little tip isn’t solving the issue, you probably need to ask support for help. You can report a problem on this page.
Good luck

Actually, yes. That didn’t seem to work. It is showing the space where these squares should be, just not the squares themselves.

I was able to figure it out. The students were not zooming out correctly. Thank you for all the feedback!

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