Concurrent course sign-ins for students?


I have several students who want to do “recovery” for Units we already closed out. In fact, they actually (under certain circumstances) have a “right”, in this district, to recover if they get it done before a certain date. I have moved on to Unit 3 with the classes, so they have disassociated from Unit 1 and Unit 2 so they can do Unit 3 with the class.

Is there a way to allow them to stay “signed in” to Unit 2 while doing Unit 3? I don’t know how to let them do this at present and I am having to create special make-up assignments for a few students.

Thank you,
Lee Nicholson

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Hi, @nicholsonl!

yes-- your students can access their previous work as well as incomplete activities in previous units, even after you’ve assigned a new unit.

during this week, because of hour of code, students’ tiles aren’t going to be visible on code studio, but they can still access the material by navigating to the urls directly.

you will be able to view their work in your teacher dashboard by changing the unit selected on the “view progress” dropdown menu (shown below):

hope this helps!