Confused about what exactly CSS stands for


In the lesson about CSS from it is being referred to as Content Structure Style. I have never heard CSS standing as that acronym. I have always heard CSS being short for Cascading Style Sheets. Could someone clarify?


Well, I’ll classify this as a good catch. It is in fact a coincidence that the mental model of a web page that we lay out: Content-Structure-Style happens to have an acronym of CSS, but this is just a coincidence, and something that completely eluded our attention! Also, I assume you’re actually referring to a page in lesson 10

The actual definition for CSS appears in a video prior to this page in lesson 10, but you’re absolutely right that this is potentially confusing. FWIW the actual vocabulary words for the lesson(s) define CSS properly. We’ll look to add some disambiguation to this page.

Thanks much,

Curriculum Team


My students often confuse this one. I tell them it’s a good way to remember both! (Total teacher excuse!)