Connections to other subject areas

Connections to Other Subject Areas

Do you think computer science connects to other topics or subjects your students are learning about? Explain why or why not.


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I believe that computer science can be an addition to most other subject matter. Students can use computer science in writing assignments, math as well as social studies. With today’s world becoming more technologically savvy we need to embrace computer science.

I agree that CS connects with other topics and subjects the students are learning. Problem solving can be difficult, but breaking down the problem with the steps given the problem can solved. Students learn to work together solving the problem and apply it to their Math, Science, Language Arts or Social Studies classes.

Yes, I do believe computer science connects to other topics because it helps students develop persistence and problem solving skills. These two areas will help students find success in all other subjects areas because students will become more critical thinkers when working to find a solution.

I definitely think that computer science connects to other topics and subject areas. Many students have more access to technology and computer science will allow them to solve problems in a variety of subject areas such as reading/language arts, math, and science.

I definitely believe the coding integrates into multiple subjects nicely. The above comments pinpoint the thinking skills and logic. The persistence is hard to teach in a typical classroom as is giving the opportunity to creatively create. Because of this, not only does it incorporate nicely into other areas, it actually improves the content by requiring high levels of thinking and skills that are often too time consuming to tackle in typical lessons.

Using to teach computer science encourages students to be excellent problem solvers. It also builds teamwork skills and persistence. These skills alone are invaluable for any subject!

Absolutely! Code seems to fit perfectly into math lessons. Additionally, it a perfect way to incorporate skills like collaboration and persistence.

This will be awesome in class. You can use it across all the subjects and kids will not even realize they are learning. It is fun and engaging and allows them to get an edge on the future.

The best learning comes when students don’t realize their learning so much.

It definitely connects to other subjects such as math and reading. Because it connects in different areas you can incorporate it into your teaching throughout the year, instead of teaching it as a focus itself.

My 5th graders make connections to math concepts they’re learning all the time!

Computer science is an important segment of a STEM program represented by the T!

Yes, computers are used across curriculum. The interesting part is the logic behind computer science which is needed on a daily basis.

I think that computer science is relevant to so many different subject areas and when used creatively can be an outlet for expression no matter the content area. It overlaps with both science and math, but also involves communication and collaboration skills pertinent to language arts and beyond.

Besides problem solving, I see my students learning that persistence helps out to solve problems instead of giving up easily.

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Collaboration, problem-solving, perseverance, and creativity are skills that are necessary in today’s society. I have just started teaching my 4th and 5th graders how to code and they can’t get enough! They help each other figure out the tasks as well as help streamline the directions using the least number of blocks. It’s so motivating for them as well!

I think coding and computer science align nicely with the subjects of math and science. The Common Core math practice standards align nicely with computer science as does the engineering principles of the NGSS. Problem solving skills and perseverance are always welcome skills for students to learn!

I absolutely agree that computer science can be applied to all course work. It encourages students to solve problems which is a necessary skill for college and the workplace.

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As a school district we’ve been discussion GRIT and growth vs fixed mindset a lot lately. In addition m dept. (Ed Tech) is trying to refocus our PD on the 4 Cs of communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. This curriculum address all of these components especially perseverance needed to develop a growth mindset. While these things are not necessarily content based, they are process skills that go across content areas to help teach learners how to learn.