Share examples of Computational Thinking integration in K-5 subject areas


I often have classroom teachers in my K-5 fundamentals workshop that want more examples of how computational thinking and coding can be integrated into other subject areas. They are looking for ways to integrate coding and computational thinking without adding to their plate.

They seem to understand that coding strengthens thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication and creativity… and that these skills can translate and strengthen all learning into all subjects… but I think they are looking for specific activities to enrich specific subject area learning. Example: writing a story (thinking of a sequence of events, having a problem, solving the problem and possibly creating a digital story.

Do you have a great way to link CS and CT to specific subjects???


This is a great question, and exactly what a forum like this is great for!

We’ve suggested standards, but I think this goes a few steps beyond. For teachers who specialize in certain subjects, which lessons do you use to enhance your standard curriculum?


This article has some great ideas!