Connections to other subject areas


Yes, I think computer science links other topics or subjects my students are learning about. It connects to English, as programming language is based in English. It’s also related to Science- and, it allows students to be creative. Students use creativity in all subject areas.


Absolutely! Computer science is about problem solving and that is helpful in any topic or subject area.


Yes, CS does connect to other subjects. Students will be learning how to creatively solve problems and learn that there is more than one way to solve a problem. This knowledge can be transferred and applied to many other subjects and projects throughout the school year.


Sequencing and logic takes place in all subject. The hope is that classroom teachers will begin to see these connections when we are co-teaching the curriculum.


I believe that Computer Science connects to all subjects and even outside of school because it is teaching our students to work together and use their critical thinking skills. They have to talk out with each other what to do and how it should be done. Computer Science makes them think “outside the box” for solutions. Creativity, team building skills, and critical thinking skills are all keys to success in today’s society.


The problem solving skills students learn from will help students with other problems they will come across in their future. However, students need to learn how to transfer these problem solving skills they learn in CS to other parts of their lives. They may not see how the lessons they learn in apply to other areas of their life.


Yes, it absolutely connects to other subjects. The problem solving aspect connects to mathematics, science, and engineering. The logic involved in coding is applicable to opinion writing.


Yes. Definitely it teaches problem solving.


I believe computer science connects with other topics. Teaching and learning how to problem-solve independently is very difficult. Giving students the chance to problem-solve through coding will help bring that skill into their own lives.


Yes, it does because one of the things students have to learn is to learn to learn on their own and explore a different form of learning which is online. It also helps students learn to follow directions, thus this can be applied to all of their lessons. It does teach them math because they need to learn rotations, measurements.


Computer Science definitely connects with other subjects. It helps students with critical thinking skills and teaching them to be specifics in their responses.


I believe that all subjects overlap in some way when completing projects or assignments on topics.


Absolutely! It’s about reading and writing, not just words but also patterns. Fractions, directions, lines, angles, patterns, etc. are completely connected to math core. Problem-solving is a part of all curriculum areas, including science. You cannot learn computer science without knowing/learning skills typically associated with other subjects.


Computer Science encompasses everything. The classes include math. visualization and creativity. All subjects can be taught with computers. I often have to explain or re-introduce my students to angles and measurement. They get to see the immediate results of their learning.


It has been my experience that Computer Science has adapted to become the Science used members of many disciplines because it can contain the characteristics of of any given subject. Computer Science is versatile and its products serve us in our every day lives both directly and indirectly.


Yes, computer science connects to all subject areas in that it is a specific way of thinking. Computer science teaches analyzing of patterns, visualizing a problem and solution to that problem, amongst many other things. These skills are applied across all content areas and in everyday life.


I teach math and science. I can definately see the connections to these topics.


Yes, I believe that coding can be connected to other subject areas. Subjects such as math, science and reading/LA, so also skills such as problem solving, creativity and how to think about thinking.


Yes, because components of any subject can be translated into code.


Yes, I definitely see that Computer Science is connected to other academic areas, such as Language Arts, Math ,and Science. I also feel that is a great way for promoting CS and get students interested earlier in the primary grades. Awesome!