Connections to other subject areas


Yes, computer science is most definitely connecte to other academic areas, as well as the social communication it will promote.



Yep, I think computer science relates to every single subject and is very relevant to how we live our lives. Integrating it from K+ is important for a solid foundation. I’m pretty excited about this becoming a norm in my room. :+1:



Yes, Computer Science is connected to all subject areas. Mathematics and language are very obvious along with criminal thinking and creativity. Visual spatial concepts are also important when learning through computer science.


I think it does help children think and plan before executing and this will help them when thinking and problem solving in other subject areas.


I do believe computer science connects to all other subject areas because students need to use reading, writing, math, etc. while studying computer science. It also helps students with critical thinking, problem solving skills, etc.


I believe computer science does connect to other topics my students are learning about. For example, if my students can learn about light and sound waves in science and then create a computer program to demonstrate the waves, that will be GREAT! Once students make connections across the curriculum, they will more likely be lifelong learners.


I think computer science will definitely connect with math and will promote 21st century skills of critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and creativity. With a platform that will have multiple solutions, students will also be able to reflect and critique their own codes and will be able to make increase metacognition. By encompassing all of these skills, Code will not only have a positive impact on academic areas, but will also help create students ready for college and careers.


Yes it does. Computer science can help students to solve problems.


Absolutely. It’s about life skills…critical thinking, problem solving, logic.


There are definitely other subject areas that connect computer science if not all! Recently, I am learning more about UDL which appeals to all learners. I believe computer science can appeal to all subject areas depending on the standard.


I definitely believe that computer science easily connects to other topics. I actually think it can make other topics ‘come alive’! Writing a scrip for story would definitely engage my students - and encourage better and longer writing. This could be tied into our Social Studies Curriculum as well. Science and Math are ‘gimme’s’ for computer science and coding. I love the idea of teaching our elementary students to code - we are actually behind the times on this! Our students are ready! Are our teachers?


It is my belief that computer science is becoming integral in all other subject matters. Since school districts are becoming one-to-one with devices, teachers are creating innovative lessons that allows students to use computer devices interactively to create, complete, share and display assignments.


I believe that computer science definitely connects to other subjects students are learning. It promotes critical thinking which can be carried over into solving problems in other subjects. Students also learn collaboration skills which are used in other subjects as well.


I teach at a school with emotional behavior problems. I’m hoping that this will aid in our never ending mission of teaching students to follow directions and problem solving.


yes, CS very connected to Math for example … CS born with the algorithm and the algorithm born with concept of zero that invented by “Muhammad Ibn Musa AL khwarizmi”


I recently worked with another teacher on aligning the curriculum to the Kindergarten Gold Objectives and Dimensions for WA Kids. We found many cross cutting concepts: Pair Programming with Social Emotional and Communication Skills, Unplugged lessons with Balancing and Traveling Skills, and Find Motor (uses fingers and hands) with mouse skills learned in the online puzzles, Using Symbols and more!


I absolutely see the connection to computer science and other topics/subjects in our students learning. The students are learning how to problem solving skills that can be found in every content area.


While computer science will be an important asset when my students enter the job force in the future, a more immediate and tangible benefit is forced exposure to growth mindset concepts – they are going to make mistakes, and learn from them.


I see the connection between computer science and other subject areas. I see computer science as using logic and problem solving. This is necessary in across all content areas as well in real life situations.


Computer science connects to other topics or subjects that my students are learning about because it requires critical thinking skills. It will also prepare them for their future careers because it is a subject that is incorporated in most careers.