Course A/B Story Resources

Hello! I have created a Google Slides and YouTube videos for the stories for Course A/B. Go to . Feel free to make a copy for yourself by going to “File” and then down to “Make a Copy.” The YouTube recordings I did of myself read the story can be found in the Google Slides or access here:
Story 1: Unspotted Bugs
Story 2 : Stevie and the Big Project

Those are great! Way to go :slight_smile:

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Many thanks from Issaquah, Washington!

Nice. Thank you for the Slides. I had projected the PDF and just read through it, this will be cleaner. And I love the Kiki slide too! :wink:

Hey, I went to use the Stevie Squirrel Slides and the first part of the story is missing!

Great catch @esters I went in and updated it. Also- now there are resources on’s website that I use instead of the videos I made.

Thanks… I need it for three classes this afternoon! Then we make marble runs!

Please let me know how it goes! We’ve had some teachers who are very nervous for that lesson :slight_smile:

So far so good. Here are Some kindergarten creations! No tears so far! They are persisting!

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I have first graders working on it now. They are having a blast!

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OH MY GOSH! This is the highlight of my career :smiley:

:slight_smile: So glad we could make your day! I love the STEAM addition to the Coding curriculum. I do Keyboarding/Coding and STEAM with K-4… we have fun all day!

AHHH! Thank you for sharing the pictures!! I am doing this lesson in two weeks and now I want to do it sooner!

Are you on Twitter? I want to connect with you and share lessons! If you are, you can find me @mrskalthoff

My twitter handle is ester_susan.:slight_smile: