Videos for courses A and B

Will new videos be available soon? Some of them are difficult for 5-6-7 year olds to understand as they are right now.

Hi Lynne,
A few of the videos are starting to get released on Youtube. I’m sure they will eventually find their way into the actual courses, but for now it might be worth bookmarking on Youtube:

There are already a few recent videos that might help your students get started. Look for the Course A version of the “Intro to Code Studio” and “Debugging with the Step Button” videos. You could likely use these with your Course B students too.


I think so. Is there any videos that 6years old can watch before they start that project?

We also have a new video on angles that is about to go up:

Are you looking for videos like this for the stories?


I just have to say that I am beyond excited that YouTube will finally be available for our students next year!! Thanks for the resources.

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This is perfect @kalthoff