Courses A,B,C,D,E,F


I have not been to for a long time. A, B, C, D, E, F courses are mentioned. Are these new courses?


Yes. Over the summer sometime they showed up. I came back to school ready to roll out course 1, 2, & 3 and was surprised to find grade specific courses! A=Kindergarten, B=1st, C= 2nd, D=3rd, E=4th. There are some new additions and I find them to be much more differentiated by age. So far so good.


Hmm. Thank you so much. But i couldnt see the lesson A-F on the site ? Where can i find ?



Is there a reason why Course F lessons changed order since the beginning of September? My class was two weeks into the course when without warning all of the lessons changed order.


Yes. While it wasn’t quite without warning (we did send an email to all of our teachers) we understand that it was disruptive.

It was our intention to “lock” our courses for the school year, however, our data analysis was showing that some of our puzzles were producing severely lower understanding of concepts than what was expected. As such, we emailed all of our teachers and implemented an immediate refresh to make sure students received the quality of education that we strive to provide. These changes happened in all upper-elementary grades and resulted in an instant fix.

We do not anticipate another grand-scale update like this one during the 2017-2018 school year, though some individual puzzles might show small changes for clarification or enhanced learning.

We invite you to be a part of this continuing process by sending us reports on puzzles that you believe to have issues. We will work as hard as we can to get these issues resolved quickly!



This happened with the added Ramp Up to Course E as well. Is there any plan to develop a “Ramp Up” for Courses C and D as well? I am thinking of the beginning of next school year. You always have the move-ins and those who forget over the summer. A series of review/scaffolding optional lessons might be a good thing to have for Grades 2-3 as well.


We are going to move things around in D a little more to make it easier for new students to catch up, but Course C already starts from the very beginning, so students shouldn’t have any problems there. Please do let us know if you notice anything being significantly too hard for your students :slight_smile:


i confused for choosing a right course for my 6-8 years old students.
3 months ago i start with course 1 but now there is some new courses A-F.
the course called “Pre-reader Express” and course A start with debugging!
how a new student can start debugging before he/she never write a program?
could you please suggest me a good road map for teaching?


Course 1 still exists under the same URL, but for middle school students, we now recommend our “Express” course. Feel free to give either a try!

Course 1:


What about course 1-4 . What are they going to be ? they will be finished after A-F


My question still remains.
Why Pre-reader Express starts with debugging?
Why my 5yo students have to understand debugging before understanding algorithm and programming?
I think the last curriculum called course 1 is better.


We chose to teach debugging at the beginning in courses A-F because it’s hard for students to begin programming if they don’t know how to fix errors. Instead, we chose to provide a foundation of understanding around the fact that problems aren’t a sign of failure, but something that can be fixed.

It’s definitely a change in perspective, but with full buy-in it actually works much better.

Hope that helps!


Is there a way to delete students/sections when Google+ sign in was used?


My question was answered on another board. You need to remove the student from GC first, then re-sync the section from the manage students tab.