What is correspondence b/ new courses to old courses?

Hi All:
Do Course 2 and Course 3 still exist under a new name?
Thank you.

Hi. I am not sure if you have found the answer to your question already, but the courses do exist under a new name. They are now labeled as “CS Fundamentals International”.

I used Courses 1-4 the last two years, and am now transitioning over to the new courses. What I’ve found is that Courses B is similar to Course 1, Course C is similar to Course 2, Course D is similar to Course 3, Course E is similar to Course 4, and Course F is an expansion on Course 4. While these are not EXACTLY the same they are fairly similar, particularly in concept.

This year I am experimenting with how I am going to approach these new courses, and here is what I have mapped out for the year. I teach coding to 3rd and 5th grade for the entire year.

3rd grade:
Course B - 2*, 4, 6
Course C - all*
*I am using “Building a Foundation” activity with Course B lesson 2 and skipping the first lesson in Course C

5th Grade:
Course D - all
Course E - 1, 5-11 (instead of doing the project at the end, I teach them Scratch)

Obviously this is going to be a work in progress, but I hope this helps.

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Hi -

I am looking to implement code.org in my 45th grade classes this year - I have four classes on average of about 20 students in each class. Which Course do you recommend I start with? I was thinking either Course D or Course E. Some of the students have had some minimal exposure to code.org in the past. Thank you for any help you can provide me with.



I was only able to get through Course D with my 5th grade students. I only see them 40 minutes a week, and many of them had difficulty with the Artist lessons and even with nested loops. I would start there, especially if they have never done any of the courses before. I had my 3rd graders easily get through Course C, and even started Course D, though I know they would have had trouble with the later puzzles in Course D.


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