CPT question about lists being processed

Hello! I have a question about lists being processed for question 3b. Is element retrieval adequate for the CPT? I originally taught the lesson by pointing out examples of processing lists and provided a range from simple element retrieval to traversing. I’m starting to doubt myself that retrieval wouldn’t be considered processing for the CPT. For example, if a student creates a list of images, say each element is an image that contains the number of dots of the index. So dots[1] would contain an image with one dot. Because of this logic, they wouldn’t need to traverse the list. I understand that they could assign it displayImage=dots[num] and then displayImage would be “new” data but that seems too simplistic. Or am I overthinking it?

The scoring guidelines say to not award a point if “The use of the list is trivial and does not assist in fulfilling the program’s purpose.” It leaves “trivial” to the opinion of the scorer. So I would ask my students to do more than just retrieval or traversal, maybe use the list values to create new values or modify the list elements.