Use of multiple lists and populated lists

Hi All

I have a question for the CPT. Firstly im assuming if a student uses / creates a pre-populated list i.e names=[ mark , steven , dave]

Is a screenshot of names=[ mark , steven , dave] acceptable for 3b (i)

Secondly what if a student uses multiple lists i.e one to hold movies , one to hold genre , then puts them together in a final results list ?

Which list do they use as a screenshots for 3b and detail in WR for managing complexity ?

Lastly what about 2D lists ?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @gbacak,
Let me start with the disclaimer that I tread very lightly when answering all PT questions - I want to make sure everyone has a fair and consistent experience. That said…

An initialized list is an example of where a list is being created.
While the student may have multiple lists in their program, they need to select one to talk about. They can reference others, but need to talk about that one as a tool for managing complexity. They should pick the one that they feel they can best explain or use as an example of abstraction.

I found this video to be a good resource to share with my students who have questions about the AP, perhaps it will help yours as well! AP Computer Science Principles: Create Deep Dive for Students - YouTube

Thanks Madeline , The deep dive is indeed good but doesn’t cover some nuances like multi lists or iteration / algorithms outside of procedures. I think another tip i may utilise is to splice screenshots together so things are easier to see where multiples are concerned.

Hmm, I thought it mentioned that - perhaps that is another one of their videos, I’ll try to find it. If I remember correctly, in the examples on the collegeboard website there is someone ho doesn’t get the point for lists and abstractions because they write about one list, but it is not the same as the list that is initialized (perhaps the wordle example?)

I also have not seen anything about iteration/algorithms outside of procedures. The question is written such that I expect all three (sequencing, selection, and iteration) need to be in the same algorithm inside a procedure