Create PT and Collaboration--Distance Learning Edition

I have a student asking if they can still work with a partner or in a group for the Create PT even though we are all doing the remote/distance learning thing until at least the end of April. Looking quickly through the survival guide provided, the guide really implies students are working by themselves, but the guidelines at the end of the document reference working with others. So to answer my question, I think yes, but I’m just seeking input from other teachers. This is my first year teaching AP-CSP, so to add all of this to the mix I really want to make sure I’m giving students enough support.

And for any of you with students working remotely, are they working together or by themselves on the Create PT? Any advice for my two students who want to work together?

Thank you. As always, if the answer is elsewhere, please direct me to it.

Yes students are allowed to collaborate. You can find the guidelines on collaboration from the College Board here: